Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My {Fail-Proof} Slow Cooker Roast

I have been a terrible blogger in recent weeks and I apologize. I swear I have a lot of legitimate reasons and I know for sure that as the weather gets colder and my life slows down a bit, I'll be back. In the meantime, I thought I would share a recipe that I use all the time. It is truly impossible to mess up, cooks while you go about your day, and leaves leftovers for mexican dishes, bbq sandwiches, stew, or whatever else you can think of that I haven't. You can have this in the slow cooker in less than ten minutes and not think about it again until dinner, which is my favorite part. Your house will smell great and you'll have a tender flavorful roast at the end, promise. Note: This recipe is set for my 6 quart slow cooker.

What You Need:
1 chuck roast
3-4 celery stalks
3-4 carrots
1 small onion
3 cups beef broth
1/2 cup flour
2 tablespoons seasoned salt
2 tablespoons olive oil

Turn your slow cooker to low or high to get it warming up. Low if you are cooking for more than 4 hours, high if less. {Adjust for your slow cooker temps}. Using a large fry pan or skillet to brown, coat the bottom of the pan with the olive oil and turn to medium high.

 I leave the roast right in the package to season, just exposing the top. Generously season the roast with seasoned salt, then coat in flour, shaking off the excess. Turn the roast over and do the same to the other side. Once your fry pan is hot, place the roast in the pan to sear. The trick to getting a nice brown crust on the roast is that your pan must be hot when you place the roast. You can test this by putting a drop of water in the pan and it sizzles.

While one side is browning, cut your washed celery, carrots and onion into large chunks. Place them into the bottom of the slow cooker. You are creating a "shelf" for your roast. Once the roast has a nice crust, turn it to the other side. {3-4 minutes}.

Place the browned roast into the slow cooker. Pour the beef broth around the sides of the roast, not over the top. The liquid should not come more than halfway up the sides of the roast or you will be boiling the meat.

Cook until the roast is cooked through and tender. {4 hours on high in my 6 quart cooker}. Enjoy!

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